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English advertisment on the site

19. júna 2009 
Hi everybody!I would like to ask you if somebody put an english ad link to the site we have to delete or not?(if it's came from England or USA so not a really concures of our partners)
18. jún 2009 o 11:02  • Odpovedz
hi :slight_smile: if someone put link from other countries (GB, D, F, I, PL, CH, USA.....) it is ok
18. jún 2009 o 11:10  • Odpovedz

for better understanding... we are talking about www.flickr.com which is an online photo management and sharing application...
and on of our users were recommending it since there are loads of pics loaded on wedding cakes...
now, what shall we do ...? should we keep the comment in the forum or delete it...? :unamused:
18. jún 2009 o 11:11  • Odpovedz
thanx janocka
than we keep it ;)
18. jún 2009 o 11:12  • Odpovedz
this is an example of topic with international links in slovak

18. jún 2009 o 11:29  • Odpovedz
wow, that sounds good!!!!

Will create a topic like that on hazasodunk.hu

Thanx anaxamon!!!!!! :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:
18. jún 2009 o 11:40  • Odpovedz
link to a concrete product like e.g. baby carrier is ok (www.somefirm.hu/concrete_product.php), link to the hompage of the firm is not ok for slovak, czech, hungarian firms (expect a topic like that http://www.mojasvadba.sk/forum/show.php?vThreadID=359)
19. jún 2009 o 13:09  • Odpovedz
Thank you girls! :dizzy_face:
19. jún 2009 o 13:35  • Odpovedz
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