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Selling in forum

29. januára 2009 
Hi!What would you do if somebody sell her wedding clothes in the forum?
28. jan 2009 o 16:23  • Odpovedz
stop it! delete the line or change the line adding text like "deleted by admin due to selling is possible only in bazaar (or what name has this thing :grinning:)
28. jan 2009 o 16:48  • Odpovedz
hello emjee,
this is not the first time that they used forum for selling things. unfortunatelly this is not covered by the rules.. i think it would be good to add it though. i have checked mojasvadba.sk and you dont have it mentioned there either..
28. jan 2009 o 21:49  • Odpovedz
yeah i know :grinning: but somehow it is logical that for selling bazaar is thought - but you are right, we should have it in our rules
28. jan 2009 o 22:39  • Odpovedz
exactly, i should think that it is obvious to use the bazaar for selling things..but some of the users, just keep adding ads to the forum,too.. :grinning:
28. jan 2009 o 22:58  • Odpovedz
Thank you Emjee for your Quick answer!Exactly you are right!But I think we can't reference because of it's Not logical!Of course I deleted... :wink:
29. jan 2009 o 10:34  • Odpovedz
Téma bola zamknutá adminom. Nie je možné pridávať ďalšie odpovede.