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Sticky topics

24. novembra 2009 
Is it allowed to speaking in the forum about homosexual pairs?I think ,we are not qualified for this topic,but...I don't know...what do you think about?
26. jún 2009 o 00:09  • Odpovedz
I think that this is allowed, because in rules isn't written that forum is only for heterosexual pairs. Monday I received an e-mail about homosexual pairs and I have written of that they can create own album and also can write to discussions
26. jún 2009 o 00:40  • Odpovedz
hi klarisz, piros,
how do you say in hungarian "to loose weight"?
is there any thread about this topic on keklovacska?
or about Lindaxa?
we have an user on modrykonik from Komarno, who apparently has problem with slovak language, i thought maybe it would be easier for her to join and read in hungarian... :wink:
24. nov 2009 o 17:05  • Odpovedz
Téma bola zamknutá adminom. Nie je možné pridávať ďalšie odpovede.