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Wedding organizers/companies on the forum

2. septembra 2009 
hello girls,
would like to ask for your expertice...
we have couple of very active specialists (as wedding organizers) on the forum and they are getting pain in the ... :grinning:
they are not advertising, however are being very pushy now, as if it was their site and commenting on each every comments of the girls... giving advise even if they were not asked....
what would you suggest, to get rid of them or if you had similar problem how did you handle the issue?
2. sep 2009 o 14:04  • Odpovedz
klar, any firm (company) is a firm, that means U should rid them of the discussion (rule 10)....if they are not advertising or if they do advertise theay have no reason to write to discussion
2. sep 2009 o 15:17  • Odpovedz
The thing is that they are not advertising their services, they are giving advises to the girls, answering their questions being active part of the conversations... the annoying thing is that they treat the site as if it was a consultancy site ...

Do you think it is okay if we stop them and block their comments?
We have been thinking with Piros, to send them a mail, warning them to stop overloading the forum with their advises. It is for the girls to discuss their experienses and not an official consultancy site...
2. sep 2009 o 15:58  • Odpovedz
klarisz we do not accept any comment of a firm in the discussion - we delete all comments written by firms, those firms who do not accept this rule are blocked
2. sep 2009 o 22:02  • Odpovedz
Téma bola zamknutá adminom. Nie je možné pridávať ďalšie odpovede.