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Bilingválne slovensko - anglické rodiny v Žiline

30. sep 2016

Hi! We have a 2.5 year old bilingual (Slovak-English) son. He understands English well. But as for speaking he uses only separate words and only seldom, although in Slovak he is already able to construct very complex sentences. So I would like to encourage him by some meetings/playgroup in Zilina with some English speaking kids and their parents (if there are any). If you are raising you kids bilingually (with English) in Zilina, and would like to meet, please, let me know. Oh yeah, the meetings should be English-only (for adults), he listens to Slovak all the time and I would like him to meet some people, he can hear speaking only English.

Ahoj! Pridam aj po slovensky: pre bilingvalneho syna (2.5r) hladame rodiny v Ziline vychovavajuce deti bilingvalne (slovencina-anglictina) alebo anglicky. Ak niekoho takeho poznate, budem rad, ak ich odkazete na tento prispevok.

1. okt 2016

Hi my family are bilingual living in žilina i am british my wife is slovak my son will be 3 in november again he understands english, speaks a little but mainly he will answer in slovak. It would be nice to arrange for our children to have play dates and only hear english

1. okt 2016

Hi 🙂 we have a bilingual child (though we are both Slovak parents - I speak English to my daughter, my husband Slovak. If there is going to be a meeting, we will love to attend. She speaks both languages very well.

2. okt 2016

Hi. This is great 🙂 It's two more families than I expected. I'll send you PMs, so that we can discuss details.

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