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English writing

13. februára 2014 
Bye Kardia :slight_smile:
25. mar 2008 o 21:15  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
etus: oh so not two years older :wink:

girls who were abroad - u are lucky - I have never had an opportunity to leave... during my high school we moved and I took two State Exams - one of English and the second one of Typewriting, then I met my husband :grinning: so going abroad was the last thing I was thinking of :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :wink: actually, it was about two months before my 18th birthday when we met :slight_smile: then I finished my high school and started working with kids what was my dream :slight_smile: so I had everything I wanted - a loving boyfriend I was planning my future with, a job I loved ( and still do :slight_smile: so there was no reason for me to travel abroad...
25. mar 2008 o 21:15  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
I wanted to improve my English and see something new :slight_smile:
25. mar 2008 o 21:17  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
All right ladies,bye for now.I have to work a bit :wink:
25. mar 2008 o 21:34  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
c u later aligathor :grinning:
25. mar 2008 o 21:44  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
good night everybody, going to bed...
25. mar 2008 o 22:06  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Hey there,
like Weroni said - happy all of you who can be abroad for a long or shor time. I was in Switzerland just for two weeks and that´s all. When I was eighteen (end of the high school) I really wanted to go abroad, but... My parents wanted me to go to University and they said that I can go somewhere if I don´t get to the Uni... So I had to agree... I got to University, so I didn´t go anywhere... And now? I´m with my "fiance" :wink: and he doesn´t want to go anywhere...but if he would like to go, we can leave this country right this second. :wink: :grinning: I really wanna go somewhere, just for adventure, to know another culture, earn money, improve the language... Well, maybe sometimes. :slight_smile:
26. mar 2008 o 11:12  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
:grinning: I was looking for this theme last week, where I could write in English to not forget iiiiiit,
and I found ya :grinning:
26. mar 2008 o 12:04  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
hello every1 how,s life goin? :slight_smile:
26. mar 2008 o 18:58  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
by the way - when talking about going abroad - two years ago (actually, this summer it will be three years ago) I was about to spend two months in Greece as kids animator. My husband (just a boyfriend that time) wasn´t very happy about it but he knew it was my last chance to "see the world" so he accepted it. But guess what happened two weeks before my departure :grinning: I broke my leg in aquapark :grinning: so I spent summer lying and relaxing with "white boot" on my leg instead of spending time by the sea with kids :sweat_smile:
And now? There is a family life before us - that´s exactly what I´ve always been dreaming of :dizzy_face: we both love kids - me and my dear husband, too, so we are about to enjoy the life in three :wink: :slight_smile:
26. mar 2008 o 20:48  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
...and you never know weroni.We went for a week to Ireland last year to visit our friends and it was gorgeous trip.Michelle didn´t miss us at all.She was with my mother-in-law and she was really great.Our daughter even put on weight during that week :wink:
26. mar 2008 o 20:53  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
...how was your day?
26. mar 2008 o 21:06  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Hi, can I join your conversation??? :wink:
26. mar 2008 o 21:09  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Charlinka-sure you can :wink: How are you?
26. mar 2008 o 21:11  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Hi etuska, I"m ok, my little one is sleeping so I have a time for myself, as my boyfriend is on work leave :frowning2: This is good topic, I am going to do state examination in English this spring, but my English is not as good as it use to be, so its great to do some practising.
How are you???? Your english is peeerrrfffeeectttt.
26. mar 2008 o 21:13  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Thanks,it has to be as I teach kids :slight_smile: ,well they are teenagers in fact :slight_smile:
26. mar 2008 o 21:17  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Isnt it hard to teach teenagers??? do you live in slovakia on abroad?
26. mar 2008 o 21:22  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Slovakia :wink: Itś not that hard now,when I have so practice. You have to be patient and motivate them. :wink: One of my teachers from UK told me that teacher has to entertain students to gain their attention.He/she has to be as an actor. :grinning:
26. mar 2008 o 21:24  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
...tallk to you later.I have to go now. :wink:
26. mar 2008 o 21:29  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
I think you need to have talent to teach. I was thinking about teaching children but I am so scared to do it, and I dont even know why. I guess its because I dont know how to teach them, or I think I wouldnt have any respect :wink:
26. mar 2008 o 21:29  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
oh my god!!! u must be an actress to be teaching teenagers?well u should go to holywood and earn some dollars :grinning: .it is a bit more money for doin that :grinning:
26. mar 2008 o 22:02  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Bubba :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:
It was only a figure speech :wink: If you want to be a good teacher,you have to make your lessons interesting and challenging otherwise they will fall asleep :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:
26. mar 2008 o 22:04  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
etuska, for example, how do you entertain teenager to stay focus???? playing some you tube screens???
26. mar 2008 o 22:12  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Well,it depends on situation and I should also keep to the topic.For example when we learn new vocabulary about,letś say "Food",I prepare different games,pictures,songs,crosswords connected with this topic.
26. mar 2008 o 22:14  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
...I have to take shower,but you can write sth. more.Your daughter has a beautiful name :wink:
26. mar 2008 o 22:16  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
good night :rolling_eyes: :rolling_eyes: :rolling_eyes: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:
26. mar 2008 o 23:09  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
good nite? i just started :grinning: :frowning2:
26. mar 2008 o 23:11  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Well,I have to wake up very early tomorrow,so I´d better go.
Julka-you can write whatever U wish,Iĺl read it tomorrow :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: I´m too sleepy.
26. mar 2008 o 23:17  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
etuska: well, it´s a difference to have a trip that takes some days or weeks and to go abroad for longer - u know ;- ) I would love to make trips abroad with our kids and later maybe also without them :wink:
But that won´t be very soon as we are going to build a new house and spend all our money on that :slight_smile:

But I´ve got a friend in the Netherlands who makes trips with his family almost every month :sweat_smile: and he has two little kids :slight_smile:
Once they go to UK, then to Italy, they´ve also been to SK and he was surprised how mountainous coutry it is :slight_smile:
I had to laugh when we were together to the Bratislava castle and when walking up the little hill he became totaly tired and exhausted - he couldn´t almost speak :grinning: and he told me they don´t have mountains in Holland and hills like that are called "mountains" by them :grinning:
27. mar 2008 o 08:10  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Etuska, as I said, you need to have a talent and be very patient to teach, especially teenagers. Well done, I envy you. Thank you for compliment.
weroni, I have also friends in Netherlands, the moved there from UK 2 years ago and they always travel somewhere. I guess children will get use to it and take it as normal thing in their life. But sometimes traveling with small children or even only with one is so exhausted.
27. mar 2008 o 12:08  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
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