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English writing

13. februára 2014 
etus - that´s great, really :slight_smile: I am happy to live in a quite small village - air is also much better than in the town where I lived before moving here.
Not talking about Bratislava - I was born and spent 15 years there :slight_smile: every weekend we travellled to my granny to Senec and when we were arriving back on Sunday evenings, the first thing we smelled was smell of our Capital.. terrible...
25. apr 2008 o 20:18  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
27. apr 2008 o 01:09  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
again nobody? :confused: it seemed livelier here at the beginning :confused:
1. máj 2008 o 21:29  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Weroni,that´s true :slight_smile: I´m trying not to "waste" my time/please don´t take me wrong/as my daughter is in Kosice at her grandma,so I want to do all things I didn´t have time for-to tidy up some things, to throw away old magazines + finally rewrite my CV and send it to the agency which should find me work from September :slight_smile:
And of course I want to correct and mark some tests :slight_smile:
1. máj 2008 o 21:41  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Hi ladies,where are you? :slight_smile:
2. máj 2008 o 22:46  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
etus - so you are without your honey at the moment? ok - so make a use of the time u have now :wink:

I had a busy day again today - even though I should have been in bed, I simply wanted to make a birthday cake for my husband as he is 36 today :slight_smile: so while he was away (he went to pick up some friends - today we started building our house :slight_smile: and I baked the cake but I thought I was about to die after finishing it :rolling_eyes: terribly weak, I went straight to bed - it was a surprise for him - he had no idea I was about to do it :wink: when I made it I took it to my neighbour´s fridge - as we planned yesterday :slight_smile: and I brought it back at lunch :slight_smile:
then I was relaxing in bed - I´m still so weak :unamused:
3. máj 2008 o 19:01  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Weroni-I can´t imagine to bake a cake in your "condition" :slight_smile: I´m rewriting my Cv as I want to send it to my English friend for "check" :slight_smile: ...and correcting tests.Well,then I want to do so ironing.
3. máj 2008 o 19:55  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
etus - interesting sentence - I want to do some ironing :grinning: I usually hear rather "I have to do some ironing" :grinning:
3. máj 2008 o 20:30  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
:grinning: :grinning: :grinning: you are right,bad expression. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:
I´ve just sent my CV to some friend, so I´m curious what they´ll write about it.
Have you written some CVs recently???Because I ´ve found some instructions on Net about how to write a good CV,I followed the instructions and it´s pretty long 2,5 pages.I´ve read that it shouldn´t be longer than 2pgs???? :confounded:
And one more question: Have you heard that instead of cover letter we can use only "Career objective" at the beginning of the CV?
3. máj 2008 o 20:37  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
HI ...yes, I've seen CVs with 'Career objective' at the beginning of the CV- and it seemed to be practical and more clear....
4. máj 2008 o 11:50  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
etuska: let´s bring some life into this topic :grinning:

what about CVs - I don´t remember the last one I wrote :sweat_smile: I think it was mine :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: somewhen two years ago :confused: when I was about to travel to Greece for summer job of Kids animator but I broke my leg two weeks before my departure :grinning:
11. máj 2008 o 21:01  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Kingstonka-thanks :slight_smile: I´m not so confused now.

Hi Weroni,I can see U are eager to write tonight :slight_smile:
11. máj 2008 o 21:03  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
etus: well, my husband is playing an online game with our neighbour :grinning: so I have nothing to do :grinning: (except 9 exams to prepare for and a pile of clothes for ironing :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:
11. máj 2008 o 21:04  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
11. máj 2008 o 21:05  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
I´ve got similar problem. :slight_smile: Mimi is fast asleep, and my husband too. But I have to wake him up, he has to finish his presentation on PC,so I won´t be long tonight :frowning2:
11. máj 2008 o 21:06  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
etus: but u know - I decided to relax these last weeks :slight_smile: so no piece of clothes is so important for me that I would leave my fitball and stand up to iron it :grinning: maybe in half an hour :slight_smile: but I was on my feet quite a lot today and as I am not able to do ironing while sitting - I must wait until my feet are relaxed after a difficult day :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :wink: :slight_smile:
11. máj 2008 o 21:08  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
what have you done today?
11. máj 2008 o 21:09  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
well, we had a small trip to a nearby place called RELAX - it´s a beautiful place in nature, surrounded by high trees, there are dead branches of a river where u can fish, then there are small goats, peacocks, sheep, parrots, kids can play in the wooden playground, u can play voleyball or football here, you can have a roasted fish and some drink, simply, a great place for relaxing :slight_smile:

And we were on a water bicycle, too :slight_smile:
And as my feet become tired quite soon now - it was really enough for me today :slight_smile:

Oh and when we returned home I watered the concrete in the foundations of our house :slight_smile:
11. máj 2008 o 21:15  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
that was pretty long day :slight_smile:
I´m afraid I have to go now, my husband has to work. He has his final exams on Friday :fearful: :fearful:
11. máj 2008 o 21:24  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
etus - well, my final exams are next Tuesday but I am afraid they´ll be in September :grinning: I´ve got 100 topics to learn but as I was sick three weeks and I couldn´t go to school - I had no time and opportunities to do my "normal" exams and so I probably won´t manage it all this week. There are 9 exams to close this semester and 100 more to learn? I won´t get myself and my baby into such a stress - I´ll rather take it in September - as my two pregnant classmates :slight_smile:
11. máj 2008 o 21:29  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Oh, by the way, I wish your husband good luck for Friday :slight_smile: What does he study?
11. máj 2008 o 21:29  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
mechanical engineering :confounded: -I really don´t know what we have in common :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: -because I love literature and nature and he loves technology, well, and nature too :slight_smile:

Don´t worry,youĺl pass it in September then,like I did :slight_smile: -with 6 -weeks-old baby-my first state exams,and then a year later the other one.
11. máj 2008 o 21:34  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
etus - so u know what u have in common - nature :wink: that´s more important than engineering or literature I think :slight_smile:
we also love nature with my husband :slight_smile: and what about learning, I am interested in languages and things I can talko a lot about :grinning: and my husband likes rather numbers :slight_smile: and logical things that I will never understand :grinning:
like maths - I hate it - something like "from A to B and - where will they meet?" :sweat_smile: that´s too much for me :grinning:

I say everyone has some doors opened for certain things in head - somebody for numbers, other for memorizing, but my door for maths is closed and locked at least 100 times :grinning:
11. máj 2008 o 21:38  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Hello everybody!!!!!!
Is anybody from Manchester,near city centre?
12. máj 2008 o 08:28  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Welcome Marika,I was living there but only temporarily for few months 9 years ago :slight_smile:
How do you like the city?
12. máj 2008 o 20:02  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
hi girls,
How are you? I had "only" 10 hours of English language,because I was at the school leaving exams, so called "maturita" in Slovakia :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I´m so tired ,so I ´d rather go to bed, tomorrow I´m going to assess some more students :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Good night :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:
19. máj 2008 o 22:25  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
etus - wish u a lot of energy for that :wink:

my due date is coming girls :sweat_smile:
20. máj 2008 o 12:17  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Weroni ,thanks a lot :slight_smile: We have only 9 more students tomorrow,so I hope we will finish earlier. Today I came home at 6p.m :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I´m really looking forward to the end of the school year :slight_smile:
Yeah,Weroni ,you are right, but you will see your baby soon :slight_smile:
Two of my friends will have babies very soon, both of them re expecting baby boys.
20. máj 2008 o 18:52  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
etus I am expecting a baby surprise :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:
20. máj 2008 o 22:02  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
21. máj 2008 o 20:02  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
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