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English writing

13. februára 2014 
Etuska Im glad :dizzy_face:

I have just finished ironing - feeling like an Iron lady he he - and still left something for tomorrow...sometimes I feel that my life is one big ironing... :grinning: :grinning: absolutely hate ironing so I do it only once-twice a month but you should see that pile of clothes....bleee :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: my fault, l know...
25. okt 2008 o 00:06  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Hello Norik, Iam so tired, but I´am still here. And I don´t respect PC- sighns thatś it is the highest time to go to the bed.
25. okt 2008 o 00:24  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
me too :grinning: :grinning: my men are already in bed, sound asleep....and me like an owl here :grinning: :grinning: so what? Shall I kill myself? :grinning: :grinning: Yes, Im an addict and I thank my health insurance company for financing my treatment chi chi :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:
25. okt 2008 o 00:35  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
But Iam sure, that this speciall addiiction is not so destroyd. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:
25. okt 2008 o 00:39  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Noooo, it´s not so bad... :grinning: but now I´ll rather go to bed cause I cant see anything.... :grinning:

Good nite Duska :dizzy_face:
25. okt 2008 o 01:03  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Good night Norushka. :dizzy_face:
25. okt 2008 o 01:07  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Hi girls,
I can see that you were chatting up to 1a.m :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I was so tired that I went to bed quite early :slight_smile: We have an awful weather here,so I send my husband to Tesco to do some shopping and I´m going to cook soup.I´ve already prepared the main course yesterday,so I´m not so busy.

Ironing-it depends-sometimes I love it,sometimes I hate it :slight_smile: but I iron only Miska´s shirts to school and few other things.Fortunatelly my Darling doesn´t wear shirts(so far) :slight_smile:
Wishing U lovely Saturday :wink:
25. okt 2008 o 12:42  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
I managed to do all the ironing I was supposed to do :slight_smile: and I practice my English as well (watching Captain Nemo)-I love 2 in 1 activities :grinning:

Hope U had nice day.In N.Ireland it´s been raining the whole day :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but I´m just in the mood to hang up the clothes, hoover and have a nice cup of tea :slight_smile:

What about U?
25. okt 2008 o 18:19  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Etuska I ALWAYS watch a film when ironing - without it I consider ironing a waste of time :grinning: hi hi
Weather here was quite ok, windy, about 15 degrees...not so bad considering its end of october :wink: but only for a short walk out :grinning: :grinning:
25. okt 2008 o 19:20  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to

...and sth. more about Slovakia in English :wink:
25. okt 2008 o 19:27  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Norushka as for ironing I used to do the same. Now i reduce ironing- only some clothes.
And I remembered you today. When we were returning from Prešov, I saw a very cute car- similar like your lovely Vilmuška. And do you know, what was sighned on it--- RÝCHLE PIPY
Girls can you translate this sentence from Etuška please- I´m just in the mood to hang up the clothes, hoover ...
25. okt 2008 o 19:29  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Duska "este mam naladu vyvesat pradlo, povysavat a dat si salku caju" :grinning:
25. okt 2008 o 19:32  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Norik a ja som si myslela, že je to nejaká taká fráza, čo znamená niečo celkom iné, lebo to ... to hang up the clothes, mi tam nesedelo, ostatné som rozumela, ďakujem.
25. okt 2008 o 19:39  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Hi girls, I read you every day, but I haven't got much time for writing. :unamused:
When you are talking about ironing, I am about to do some ironing tonight. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Norik I am same as you, I neglect it for a long time and then I've got mountines of laundry. Like tonight. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :grinning: And I also watch some film and drink wine. :wink: But I can;t now as I am breastfeeding. :frowning2: But I can still watch the film. :slight_smile:
25. okt 2008 o 19:43  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Hello Kivec. :dizzy_face:
25. okt 2008 o 19:52  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
One day in England I got drunk while ironing :grinning: Mother used to make me a drink - gin-tonic and I way young and stupid so I thought oh what an idea, having a drink while ironing... hmmm so I put ice into the glass, poured some gin...some more gin (you dont know how much is there b/c there is that ice) and some little tonic....when I finished, I was drunk :grinning: since then I dont drink while ironing hi hi

Duska thats nice :dizzy_face: what color was it?
25. okt 2008 o 19:58  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
It was orange.
25. okt 2008 o 20:03  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
evening girls :slight_smile:

could I invite one my friend to join us here? She would like to practise her English but she doesn´t have many opportunities to do so...
wouldn´t u mind?
25. okt 2008 o 20:37  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Weroni, of course we wouldn't mind. Just bring her in. :wink:

And, hello Duska. :slight_smile:
25. okt 2008 o 21:28  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
kivec and what about your little star? :dizzy_face: how´s she? good girl? :dizzy_face:
25. okt 2008 o 21:33  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Weroni, she is a lttle darling, thank you for asking. It's been 3 weeks now, that she sleeps all night through. I believe it stays that way. Ans she communicate with us moore now, so we are enjoying it a lot.
And what about yours little star? Do you still carry her in a sling?
25. okt 2008 o 21:49  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Hi girls,I´m back again.I did my ironing and didn´t get drunk :grinning: and cooked lunch for tomorrow-yummy pork with even yummier sauce :grinning:
25. okt 2008 o 22:27  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
baby co znamena i miss you all? dakujem ak mi to prelozite
25. okt 2008 o 22:33  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Lullu-vsetci mi chybate :wink:
25. okt 2008 o 22:34  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
dakujem etuska :slight_smile:
25. okt 2008 o 22:35  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
25. okt 2008 o 22:36  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
anybody home? :sweat_smile:
25. okt 2008 o 22:52  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Iam "háčkujem" a little spaciall cap for my Veronka. I have fun, because it looks like anythink but not cap :grinning:
25. okt 2008 o 23:01  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Duska :grinning: I have no idea how to translate the word "hackujem" :slight_smile:
25. okt 2008 o 23:02  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
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