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English writing

13. februára 2014 
tasha thanks. I mean studying teaching on Uni, i made a mistake..sorry. :slight_smile:
4. mar 2009 o 13:26  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
no worries :slight_smile:
4. mar 2009 o 16:06  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
eveen linguistics is a theory of language, then you study word formation, syntax, semantics, lexicology, phonetics... you remember what you studied at high school/grammar school as Slovak language? than it´s the same, just in English :grinning:

It´s pretty difficult, but we - english language enthusiasts - simply loved it... :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:
4. mar 2009 o 17:57  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
hi girls, somebody could maybe answer here?
4. mar 2009 o 17:59  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
where did you study E, norik? and did you study to teach E?
4. mar 2009 o 18:09  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
he he Tasha I studied in Presov, British and American studies (Anglistika a amerikanistika).... and later did postgradual studies - pedgogical minimum or how is it called nowadays :grinning:
4. mar 2009 o 18:20  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
understand...i did so in Trnava, but it was ´ucitelstvo vseobecno-vzdel. predmetov´ :grinning: along with History..
4. mar 2009 o 18:23  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
today it´s called "Doplňujúce vzdelanie na získanie pedagogickej spôsobilosti" what a glamorous name!!!! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:
4. mar 2009 o 18:46  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Hi Norik, when I look at your Filipko Im immediately in a good mood. He is so cute.
My Veronka has just fallen asleep.
4. mar 2009 o 20:22  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Hi Duskaf, thanx :slight_smile:
Today he made his first steps and he was only pushing the walker...he was looking at his own feet wandering what is going on??? He was so happy and I was laughing so much.... and he had his first hair-cut today :grinning: big boy :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

How is your Veronka? And your big boys?
4. mar 2009 o 22:47  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
you have IP, so your filipko start quickly, my sun begin her first steps when she was 13 months old. :slight_smile:
4. mar 2009 o 23:08  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
just read your ip :grinning: write you soon

Filipko had to do Vojta´s method for a short time and now his legs are very strong :wink: doc said that he is a bit ahead compared to other children in his age :wink:

oooops ladies, not wandering but wondering :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: sometimes my fingers are faster than my eyes :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:
4. mar 2009 o 23:26  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Hi Norik.
Filipko ´s first hair-cut? Really- big boy.
My Veronka loved that walker as well. She walked and I couldn´t understand how it was possible that she wasńt tired at all. And I was happy as you. As for walking in our family- our children start walking later than others ones, but they speak, or talk very, very soon. It is the same with Veronka.
5. mar 2009 o 00:15  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Hi, is here some mums from Kosice (Tahanovce)? I would like to find somebody who speaks english, cause I dont speak very good slovak, I would say I speak a little. I have a little daughter and maybe somebody would like to go out for some nice walk... :slight_smile: I dont know anybody here, I am moving all the time.. :unamused:
5. mar 2009 o 12:30  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
HI, girls. So I won't go stydy this year. That uni in Komarno is for magyar students only :grinning:
That topic was on 5. site ..i had to search it, so wake up, where are u all?
11. mar 2009 o 19:38  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Eveen, do you have to study in Komarno?
11. mar 2009 o 20:01  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
oh Now I rememebered your ip, sorry I´m gonna replay tonight :slight_smile:
11. mar 2009 o 20:03  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
I thought that I can, but it was a big mistake. :angry:
Because of that external studium of english, and I would not paid a money for it.
I try it next year in Nitra.
11. mar 2009 o 20:15  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Hi girls.
Today my good friend who are living in England send various English materials for me. I mean that stuff you can read when you are waitting for a doctor checking and similar ones. So maybe that makes me learn and prove my English.
Have a nice and peacefull evening. :dizzy_face:
11. mar 2009 o 20:20  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
duskaf that´s excellent, reading is the best way to visually remember sentence structure, new vocabulary...and it´s fun:slight_smile:
11. mar 2009 o 21:01  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Ahoj baby, mohli by ste mi prosim toto povedat spravne v slovencine?
“deception” means any deception (whether deliberate or reckless) by words or conduct as to fact or as to law, including a deception as to the present intentions of the person using the deception or any other person.
Ja si to slovne prelozit viem, ale potrebujem to objasnit zrozumitelne podstatovo v slovenskej terminologii. Dik.
12. mar 2009 o 21:29  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
ahoj briketa, ja by som to chápala asi takto:

"klamstvo/podvod" znamená akékoľvek klamstvo/podvod - či už zámerné alebo nezámerné,z nedbalosti, z nepozornosti - slovami alebo správaním sa v určitých činoch, udalostiach či okolnostiach alebo vo vzťahu k zákonom, pravidlám, vrátane klamstva/podvodu vo forme prítomného zámeru, vôle, úmyslu človeka využívajúceho klamstvá/podvody alebo aj inej, druhej, ďalšej osoby.

... hádam ti to niečo pomôže... :wink:
15. mar 2009 o 11:47  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
helou girls, who can help me with translanting of few sentences from Slovak to english /something for CV/? will send IP.. PLEASE HELP
22. mar 2009 o 11:29  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Hi girls,how are you?
Haven´t been here for ages :sweat_smile:
5. jún 2009 o 20:51  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
me neither :unamused: how are you? we´re fine :sunglasses:
5. jún 2009 o 21:22  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
so am I :grinning:
5. jún 2009 o 21:27  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
How are you Norik? Is it your Honey Bunny´s birthday or have I missed it already? :confused: Wishing all the best to your lovely one :slight_smile:
5. jún 2009 o 21:28  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
so etuš you renewed very useful topic :slight_smile:
5. jún 2009 o 21:31  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Adda-I definitely did :slight_smile: We´ll see how far we will get tonight :grinning:
How are you girls?
Are you not planning the second baby yet? :grinning: Cause I am :slight_smile: Hopefully next year we will have another cute little rascal in our family :grinning:
5. jún 2009 o 21:34  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Etuš i m planning the second baby in four - six years :slight_smile: Etuš why you are not specified in your pas like snž? :grinning:
5. jún 2009 o 21:55  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
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