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Is there any mum who would like go out with the pram and meet a foreign mum living in Slovakia?

6. apr 2011

Hi all. I am an Estonian girl who lives in Bratislava - Rača together with my Czech partner and our 3 months old son. Is there some mum who would like to have walks together with her baby and me&my baby? Unfortunately, I don't speak Slovak, but if you would like to practise your English, this might be a great opportunity. Thank you for your replies... K.

10. apr 2011

hello pity that I am not from Bratislava, this would come in handy to me 🙂 maybe someone will find. I wish you luck in finding😉

10. apr 2011

Hello! Unfortunately neither I am from Rača.. try to post a short note on your photoblog (fotoblog - krátka správa, maybe somebody will react.
And here on Modrý koník there is also a discussion of English speaking mums, however, I do not know how up-to-date it is 😉 . Feel free to join it...

11. apr 2011

Hi, Rača is quite far from us, we are from Dubravka. Have u find someone? If u want to chat a bit do not hesitate to write me an IP (Interná pošta) 🙂

11. apr 2011

oh what a pitty you do not live in the north of slovakia especially in region Orava...nevertheless i found the link of english speaking mums: https://www.modrykonik.sk/forum/spolocny-termin-miesto/english-speaking-mums-from-anywhere-in-the-world/
try it maybe you will find someone...if you would like to chat or write something you can send mi an IP (interná pošta) ;)

11. apr 2011

@eesti_naine Anyway, if you ever go up to the High Tatras, I am ready to have a chat as well 😀

12. máj 2011

Hi, I live not far from Rača, and I have already run out of places to go to with my baby in our neighbourhood, so it would be more than nice to meet and walk and chat together 😀 My son is now 6 months old. We usually go for a walk together with our dog, little zwerg schnaucer, she is well-trained though rather vivid, so if you mind we can leave her at home. BTW, I am also foreign here in Slovakia, I am from Russia 🙂
My e-mail is
or you can write me a personal message here (interná pošta)..

I will be looking forward to you reply 😉

17. máj 2011

Hi there, sorry for bothering but I am looking for someone conected to Estonia, as I have some estonian kroons and would like to exchange them for euro (which is now possible in Estonia only). If you are interested in or know someone who might be please let my know. igor.depta@financiesk.sk

if you are not interested just ignore this message.

thank you

28. sep 2011

Hi, are you still looking for someone for walks in Raca? I leave in Raca and I don`t know here anybody as we move here from other part of Bratislava.
I have 10 months old son and it would be great if we could join you and your son. You can write me a message if interested.

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