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Baby school in Košice. I am looking for some fun

Hello! I am new in Kosice and I dont speak slovak. I dont know anybody here. I am looking for some fun with other mums and their children. Maybe some baby school! I have a 1,5 year old daughter. It starts to be very boring all the time at home... 😞 Looking forward to hear from somebody... 🙂
4. mar 2009
hi 🙂
try to write here
there are also some girls-mums from Kosice 😉
4. mar 2009
hi cat, i live too far from you, but if you want, you can talk with us on this site at least:
4. mar 2009
Hi catelynka, I´m from Kosice and I speak a little English 😃 and I´m also bored being at home all the time.... tell me something more about you - where are you from?

maybe we can meet when the weather is nicer and go for a walk?
5. mar 2009
Hi norik1! Originally I am from Latvia, I moved here in july when my partner got job here. I have 1,5 years old daughter. Would be nice to meet with somebody or go to some babyschool that she can have some more fun... 🙂 We live in Tahanovce, and its not the nicest place for babies, nowhere to go and especially alone.
That would be nice to go for a walk...🙂 And where in Kosice u live?
5. mar 2009
I live in KVP 😉
in Tahanovce there is a babyschool - well nursery school, located at Budapestianska 1... or you can go to center for mothers and babies, where children can play together for few hours but I don´t know the ones in Tahanovce...
5. mar 2009
I would like something for mums and babys.. I think nursery for her is a little to early. In town would be good as well, If I wouldnt need to go alone. Dont want to get lost... 😃
6. mar 2009
Hi cat,

y can try baby center at Tahanovce, y can meet a mathers & child ther.
If y like top go to center, shoping center... or where ever... I use to go often, can show y many place.. but need to manage time, y know it could be diff depend of our child...

hope to see y soon 🙂
6. mar 2009
Hi pohodicka77,

You live as well in Tahanovce? Would be good to go somewhere with my daughter, I think she would like some company as well... 🙂 You are not going anymore to baby schools? For me it is a little bit different to go alone there, if nobody will speak there english... hope u understand.
Maybe if u would like and have time, u could show me some baby schools... 🙂

See ya... 🙂
28. mar 2009
another one that is available 😉 I am from Furca, but Kosice is not so large, is it???
Now, if it's nice outside, we can meet anywhere.
If you are interested, we can meet some time.... (please, answer me to IP, I usually read czech modry konik. thanks)

29. mar 2009
Girls if you meet I will join you with pleasure. I am from Furca too.
Catelyn , nice to meet you.
29. mar 2009
I´ll join too 😉 so let´s meet up somewhere... any idea?
Very good baby center is Delfinik on Terasa for example.... 😉 or...?

They have baby english on Tuesday morning:

I don´t care, Iĺl drive anywhere x-)
29. mar 2009
Hello girls!!!
That sounds very good about meeting... 🙂 I dont know Kosice very well. I was trying to find baby school here in Tahanovce but it looks like it is closed.
So you know this place better, you will probably know some good place where we could meet. 🙂

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