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English writing

13. februára 2014 
Didi-you should come here more often :wink:
11. jan 2009 o 22:00  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Yes, sorry Etuska - I meant girls from other topic - Erikasadek, Zuzka1. me... DIdidi KNOWS!!! Bad girl :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :grinning: :astonished: :grinning: :grinning: :dizzy_face: :wink:

Dididi is like a ghost these days - shows up here and there...then disappears.....
11. jan 2009 o 22:02  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
i was buy it in tesco, because in europe was closed pharmacy, and there can you in intersport good sky suit buy teodorka :wink: for a good price
11. jan 2009 o 22:02  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
hi gabi ,
dont sleeping you :slight_smile:
11. jan 2009 o 22:08  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Dididi-where are you?Not willing to practice your English? :frowning2:
Norik,we should definitelly meet one day :wink:
11. jan 2009 o 22:15  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
definitely Etuska.... maybe in summer when you come here?
11. jan 2009 o 22:17  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
im planning to go to kosice this april and if not in april then sometimes during this summer :grinning: last time i was in slovakia was in august 2007.. :frowning2:
11. jan 2009 o 22:18  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
July,August-I´m not sure now,but Iĺl come to Kosice.my hubby´s family lives there :wink:
11. jan 2009 o 22:19  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
etuska..where do u live now?
11. jan 2009 o 22:20  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Sisulik-Northern Ireland :sweat_smile:
11. jan 2009 o 22:22  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
11. jan 2009 o 22:23  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
do u know anyone who is searching for a job in Northern ireland?
11. jan 2009 o 22:24  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
it is :wink:
Do you live in England?Which part of it?
11. jan 2009 o 22:24  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
close to Nottingham
11. jan 2009 o 22:26  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
How long have you been living there?
Do you like it there?
And my last question: Do you plan to come back to Slovakia one day?
11. jan 2009 o 22:27  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
we moved to UK only three months ago..
yes, i like it here...its fine...
if i plan do go back to slovakia? not really...we are planning one day to return to kuwait..my husband is from kuwait... :grinning:

do u know anyone who is searching for a job in northern part of ireland? i have a job offer there...in Bantri.
11. jan 2009 o 22:33  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Etuska so when you gonna go to Vrable, we must defenetely meet!!! And you should come also to our topic!!!!!Etuska do you plan to come back????
Didi is a ghost for sure!!She ´s lost again!!!But she probably doesn´t know that we are ghost busters!!!!!!

Girls, I like these topic too. Really good!!!when I will have some problams with grammar, I have people who explains it!!!
F.ck, i hate this conditionals sentences!!!this is one thing in English grammar I will never know
11. jan 2009 o 22:34  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Sisulik-it depends what kind of job it is.I have some friends who lost jobs :unamused:
11. jan 2009 o 22:35  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
zuzka..no problem...even if we mistakes, we understand what you meant...its clear though... :wink:
11. jan 2009 o 22:36  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Zuzka-we´re planning to go there in summer,but don´t know the exact date yet.
11. jan 2009 o 22:38  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
its kind of a secretary job...she would do secretary work for a cosmetic company called FM group cosmetics. they opened a new branch in ireland and they are looking for a secretary who speaks (and writes) slovak and english. she must know how to use the computer too. the salary is 400 euro weekly. 2-3 months later her salary can be increased. she would work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. weekends are off.
11. jan 2009 o 22:43  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
anyway...except this job, we are searching also for people who would like to register themselve with the FM group cosmetics working as distributors...selling the perfumes and FM group products. i dont know if u ever heard of FM group but its quite well know even in slovakia..
11. jan 2009 o 22:45  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
zuzka...i dropped one word so let me correct it....even if we MAKE mistakes, we understand what you meant :grinning:
11. jan 2009 o 22:46  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Sisulik-I guess I heard about the company before. The problem is that it is a man who I know lost his job,so I´m not sure whether they are not looking for a woman preferably.
Where is the job location?-Bantri???? :confused: Where is it?
11. jan 2009 o 22:48  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
etuska..i have no idea where bantri is...but check in google :grinning: they are looking for a woman, but its ok if its a man too...but must speak and write english..because there are many slovaks that can speak english but cant write..
11. jan 2009 o 22:51  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
near Cork :grinning:
11. jan 2009 o 22:52  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
nawal..you live in Cork???
11. jan 2009 o 22:53  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
sorry I disturb you :- :grinning:
11. jan 2009 o 22:55  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
Nawal :grinning:
Well,Sisulik-it is far far away from us
11. jan 2009 o 22:55  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
no, i'm near belfast- Ballymena
11. jan 2009 o 22:56  • Odpovedz  •  Páči sa mi to
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